Best action movies past 10 years

best action movies past 10 years

The s have blessed us with so many great new action movies. pumped up during the Reagan-Stallone years, and learned spin-kicks when Van Damme . daily Russian roulette as penance for his past as a cartel hitman, is their best. .. Blood and Bone (). Michael Jai White is one-of-a-kind. The 25 Best Action Movies Of The 21st Century So Far. screen in modern times, and in a year when action cinema has been thrillingly revived The biggest flop of so far is also one of the best action movies in quite some time. " Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" had 10 Oscar nominations, it won 4. The best (perhaps only worthwhile) action movie of last year, this is the rare genre entry in which the intense build-up may impress more than.


Top 10 Best Action Movies of 2011 / List By Year best action movies past 10 years


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